A glimpse of Kloudac’s accounting best practices

A glimpse of Kloudac’s accounting best practices

For an accounting firm like us, it is of utmost importance to follow procedures, guidelines and best case practices to serve our clients the best way possible so that the client will be able to focus on their own business growth.

For a business to be successful, managing the businesses’ accounting & finances are the most important pillars to make profits and to be sustainable for the long run. Most businesses don’t give a proper focus on their accounting processes which directly affect failed business decision making which transcends to stagnation or failure of their business overall.

1.We assign a dedicated Finance manager

As the initial with the client, we take a good amount of time to understand the client requirements and needs as well as expectations. We understand that each client is different and each client has their own set of problems to solve and we take that customized approach for all of the clients so that we can give the best service possible.

2.We assign a dedicated Finance manager

Once, we understand your business, requirements and needs. We provide you with a dedicated Finance manager to carry out all the support needed as well as to communicate among both parties.

3.Setup the accounting system

According to the business and the best possible solution, we provide and setup the accounting system for your business with the most up to date world’s leading accounting software and tools.

4.We will assign a dedicated Accountant

We provide our experienced and talented and dedicated accountant to start processing and updating your business transactions as per your requirements, it can be live, daily, weekly or monthly.

5.We setup the chart of accounts

We take pride in setting our tailor made chart of accounts as per the business requirement and the relevant processes required.

6.We implement the report layout setup

Monthly reporting is a must for any business and we create monthly management reports in the best possible way for the business owners and the decision makers to understand the business and to make better business decisions based on the analysis and facts. We customize and implement the necessary reporting layout for your business.

7.We will do the reconciliations

We will be supporting you to reconcile your bank statements, customer statements, supplier statements, VAT returns and compliance requirements and many more.

8.Finance meeting

During the finance meeting the Finance Manager will review your business performance and will communicate to you to understand what has happened, where it is gone good or bad and what should you do next while guiding you all the way to make your next strategic plan for the upcoming month.


KLOUDAC Global is a dedicated expansion of KLOUDAC, a recognized accounting firm with branches in Dubai, London & Colombo with 15 years of service experience. KLOUDAC Global mainly focuses on back office accounting with a whole package of services such as Financial Consultancy, Business setup, Audit and assurance services, Taxation services, Recognized accounting software, and more.

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