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Accountants’ Back Office Services

KLOUDAC Global Solutions work with well qualified and experienced accountants, ensuring you high quality and affordable offshore accounting back office services. Our team will ensure that your services are top-notch and efficient; as well as 100% hassle-free. Our strategy enables accountants to expand their firms by providing alternate personnel and work flow options. We deliver these resources without the hassle of sick leave, annual leave, training, operating expenses like rent and overheads, or downtime. Starting with trial jobs such as tax return or bookkeeping preparation for a client allows you to understand and identify our strategy. After successful trials will deploy full time dedicated resources to your firm helping you to grow a team of resources which makes your practice running. And our ultimate goal is to scale up your firm performance.

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Taking Care Of Your Requirements

We are more than only another service provider, and we are eager to go above and beyond to provide highly efficient, streamlined services and strategies for you in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in a high-quality output that will help you develop and succeed among competitors.

Our Expertise will Serve you with

Our Workflow

Back Office Process LifeCycle

1. Define and

Identifying your requirements, estimating costs, and assessing feasibility

2. Trial Jobs
with no Obligation

Share your documents in appropriate formats. We offer an initial set of trial jobs for the clients to understand our work structure and the quality.

3. Design and

After testing out the trial jobs we will provide you with dedicated full-time resources to scale up your services. Identifying workflow strategize solutions.

4. Operations Visualiser &
Workforce Management

 We help you to set up cloud operations increasing the efficiency of your employees and enabling you to capture the employee performance.

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