Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Solutions
for SMEs worldwide

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Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Solutions for SMEs worldwide

We are capable of providing Digital Marketing Services to SMEs globally. We are specialized in SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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We believe that businesses should adapt to the new norm of Digital in order to create their awareness and bring in growth. Kloudac Global does this by executing Result Oriented Digital Activities to bring Growth and Awareness to your business.

Our promise of our work is a commitment to our clients to always provide the best possible service and find the right ideas to match all budgets and business goals. We help to shape your brand story by developing distinctive brand appearances and Ad Strategies.

What We Offer

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a Large Search Engine with over 2 Billion monthly active users, making it an excellent platform to build Brand’s Awareness and Generate Revenue with Optimization Methodologies and Advertising methods.

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Instagram Marketing

Even though only 0.1% of Instagram users only use Instagram, the global internet users aged 16 to 24(Gen Z) prefer Instagram to other social platforms — yep, even ranking it above TikTok. If that’s an age cohort you’re looking to reach, Instagram is apparently the place to be.

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LinkedIn Marketing

Build your employer’s brand and build a pipeline of interested candidates to generate interest in your company and work.

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Search Engine Marketing

With an increasing number of consumers researching and shopping for products online, search engine marketing has become a crucial online marketing strategy for increasing a company’s reach. In fact, the majority of new visitors to a website find it by performing a query on a search engine.

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Search engine optimization is a key part of online marketing because search is one of the primary ways that users navigate the web. Search results are presented in an ordered list, and the higher up on that list a site can get, the more traffic the site will tend to receive. Many businesses and website owners will try to manipulate the search results so that their site shows up higher on the search results page (SERP) than their competitors. This is where SEO comes in.

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube helps improve SEO and overall brand exposure. YouTube allows advertisers to showcase their unique content that viewers can easily consume and share. YouTube marketing can be an intimidating tool for any brand.

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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing refers to using SMS to send promotional messages for marketing products or doing business promotions and is considered to be the cost-effective strategy to personally connect with the customers. With everyone from a youngster to a retiree having their mobile device, SMS marketing is a strategy to consider for all the business communication needs.

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Email Marketing

With over a usage of 4 billion people, email is the king of marketing channels. With hype over all the other content marketing and advertising platforms, decades old Email Marketing can be considered as one of the most effective Online Marketing Platforms used all over the world.

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