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We are a Company Formation firm supporting to set up Businesses in countries in Europe. We assist individuals and corporations to establish their businesses in Europe. We provide every service you need to enter the European Market. One of the most important things that should be foremost on your mind is that each European country has its own unique rules and laws regarding foreigners from outside the EU who want to set up a business.


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Preferred for small and medium-sized businesses. The owner must have at least one partner and at least one authorized manager, who can be a foreign citizen.

Also suitable for medium/small size businesses. The advantage it gives you is that you’ll be able to operate the company in different European countries through the same guidelines. This way, you’ll also be able to transfer your business to another European country in a simple way.

Good option for large businesses. In this case, the minimum capital should be around 81,791.42 Euros. During the incorporation, the owner is required to pay at least 30% of the capital. However, the investors will be liable only for the amount they contribute to the formation of the company.

Allows you for a limited functioning of the office in the new country. As such, they do not permit you to carry direct business activities as representative offices do not have the status of legal entities. You will be required to appoint a local manager who will represent the parent company’s interests and perform duties accordingly.

A convenient option for those who wish to expand the existing business into the new market. However, bear in mind that branch offices will not provide the company with legal status in most European countries. With a branch office, you can continue conducting business activities in the same way as in the parent company after appointing a local manager.

Although the European Union theoretically has a joint immigration policy, known as the Schengen agreement, there are as many different laws relating to immigrating, working, and setting up a business as there are member countries. Some countries make it fairly easy to immigrate, obtain a residency permit, open a business, while others make it virtually impossible for non-Europeans to establish residency and start a business.

Despite the different laws regarding business permits for foreigners, there is one regulation most European countries share: foreigners intending to open a business do not need a work permit or any other type of visa. They simply need a residency permit in the country where they intend to establish their business. These residency permits are temporary at first, but after a few years, depending on the success of your business venture, you might be able to obtain a long-term residency permit. There are several types of businesses you can set up to qualify for a residency permit. You can set up your business as a sole trader, a partnership, a branch or office of a foreign company, or a company registered in your host country.

Our Process

Contact one of our consultants via email or using the hotline mentioned in the web page. And feel free to question and clear all your doubts and get more information regarding company registration.
Initial Contact 5%
We will evaluate the best solution for your business out of the relevant options (Limited Liability / The European Company/Societas Europaea (SE) / A Joint Stock Company / Representative offices (liaison offices) / Branch offices)
Selecting the best business option 20%
KLOUDAC Global will submit documents for company name and business approval.
Business Approval 30%
We will register the company and collect all necessary paperwork and stamps.
Documentation 50%
KLOUDAC Global will take the responsibility and apply to obtain the relevant visa type as per your company’s potential.
Obtaining Visa 80%
KLOUDAC Global works closely with banks to open business and personal bank accounts for our clients which makes it easier to manage their busy schedule.
Opening Bank Accounts 100%

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